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Granite & Marble Flooring Restoration


Over time the brilliance and luster of a terrazzo floor will diminish films, residues will build up, spots will wear due to high traffic and abrasive materials tracked in. It’s important to keep your terrazzo floors in top shape and maintain them properly to lengthen life and showcase the natural beauty of the stone. Finding the right contractor for the job may seem laborious, but trusted services are only a click away. Restoration service also involves removing stains or discoloration that may have developed on your terrazzo floors. If wax was previously laid on your flooring, it’s possible that it has yellowed and is hiding the true brilliant color of your terrazzo. If this is the case, it is necessary to have the wax stripped and the terrazzo properly cleaned. Similarly, soap scum and residue may have accumulated on your terrazzo floors. In either case it is essential to remove these materials so that you can properly showcase the natural beauty of your terrazzo.

Marble is an expensive and luxurious stone that has been used for centuries. If properly cleaned and maintained it will last a lifetime and more. Even marble floors that are simply dirty require special attention; they will not look clean with ordinary cleaning agents, which can actually harm marble floors and make restoration difficult.

Honing Marble: A smoothing action for getting rid of the scratches resulted from the process of marble grinding. Honing is simply a gentle grinding action that will make your marble surface extremely smooth and ready to apply polish on it.

Marble Polishing: It is the final step in the marble restoration method. Marble polishing can make the marble as shiny as possible.

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