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Contact Us

You can reach us at the following contact info as listed below:
T.L. Jr.
T & T Cleaning Service
P. O. Box 1262
Calumet City, IL 60409
708-259-9288 – Phone
708-249-0299 – Fax

About T & T Cleaning Service LLC

About T&T Cleaning Services

We reach out to the local community and give back.

Certifications City of Chicago

MBE/WBE (Minority and Women Owned Business, Enterprise Programs

DBE Program

Member of the Better Business Bureau, Illinois

Certification of Good Standing

Licensed, Bonded, Insurance


We have the tools to clean your home and make it shine!

  • Maid Service
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping/Waxing/Buffing
  • Sanding/ Varnishing
  • Garage floors
  • Greasy Cement Floors
  • Installation of Hardwood/Laminate/Cermanic/Vinyle tile flooring
  • Upholstry Cleaning E.g. (Drapery, Couches/ Sofas and Furniture)
  • Car Detailing Exterior/ Interior (Carpet Shampooing/ Polishing)
  • Concrete staining/sealing
  • Snow Removal

T&T Cleaning Service Commercial Services

Our commercial services are top-notch. We are licensed, bonded and insured, ready to get any size job completed on time.

  • Concrete/Basement/Driveway Staining, Learn More
  • Apartment building Exteriors
  • Gum Removal
  • Janitorial/ Maintenance Consulting
  • Snow Plowing
  • Stripping/ Waxing
  • Sanding/ Varnishing
  • Floor Sealing/ Finishing
  • Upholstry Cleaning E.g. (Drapery, Couches/ Sofas and Furniture)
  • Car Detailing Exterior/ Interior (Carpet Shampooing/ Polishing)

Spring Cleaning is finally here!!

It may seem distant but the Spring season is looming in the horizon and the Summer months are arriving soon. And with it arrives the mess that season changes can bring. Unfortunately for most businesses this mess can be dragged into venues. Fortunately for your business we have the perfect source for reliable commercial cleaning. We will not only clean your residence or business, but we will provide tips to you on how to maintain a clean facility in the fall and winter months!
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We Clean: Tile, Ceramic, Wood, Marble and Carpet to meet your needs!

Call Us: 708-259-9288 Click here for a 20% coupon.

What NEW at T&T Cleaning Service LLC.

NEW! Installation of Hardwood/Laminate/Ceramic/Vinyl tile flooring. We now offer upholstery Cleaning E.g. (Drapery, Couches/ Sofas and Furniture), Car Detailing Exterior/ Interior (Carpet Shampooing/ Polishing), snow removal and concrete staining/sealing.

Doing Business in the State of Illinois

T & T Cleaning Service LLC. holds a number of state wide licenses and certifications which inlcude;

City of Chicago MBE/DBE programs, Insured and Bonded and member of the Better Business Bureau.

Granite counter top sealing

We now seal granite counter tops. Visit our website at